About Mamma

We are parents of children with autism who are interested in legally pursuing medicinal cannabis as a safe, effective and therapeutic treatment option for our chronically ill children. To that end, we are here to advocate for the legalization of therapeutic cannabis, to educate the churches, politicians and the electorate about its many benefits, and to give help and hope to Texans interested its medicinal application. We believe in our right to legally access the God-given plant cannabis in its entirety and in all its various medicinal forms. We advocate qualifying conditions for cannabis therapeutics include a diagnosis of autism and co-morbid conditions.

Mother's Advocating Medical Marijuana for Autism (MAMMA) seeks to educate autism and special needs families about the healing power therapeutic cannabis as it applies to peoples of all disabilities. We endeavor to work with doctors, caregivers, religious organizations, local and state legislators, and the community at large throughout Texas and the US.

Mother's Advocating Medical Marijuana for Autism (MAMMA) is an organization dedicated to promoting the medical use of marijuana for autism. Co-founded in Austin, Texas by parents of autistic children, MAMMA's goal is to educate the health benefits of cannabis therapeutics to help enhance the quality of life for families who have been affected by autism. For more information, please visit MAMMA’s Facebook page.