MAMMA was founded in March 2014 by mothers with children who have autism.  The founders met in a support group for mothers of special needs held at an evangelical bible church in Austin, Tx.
Their antiquated views on medicinal cannabis were challenged when anecdotal evidence from Colorado, California, Washington, and Maine suggested children with epilepsy and autism were being helped with extracts from the plant.  Tinctures and oils (many of which are non-psychoactive) were being used to remediate seizures and help children self-regulate, gain focus and language, and make cognitive advances. Preliminary from the US, Israel, and Europe lent further credibility to the suggestion that autistic-like behaviors might be related to a gene mutation that interferes with uptake in the endocannabiniod system .   After reaching out to mothers around the country and doctors who are dealing directly with autism using cannabis therapeutics to remediate symptoms, the founders of MAMMA decided to take on the enormous challenge of educating the conservative base in Texas.   They recognized themselves in the naiveté  of those who have yet to understand the science behind medicinal cannabis.  MAMMA seeks to unite the special needs community through education about cannabis therapeutics and raising awareness about its many benefits to our most vulnerable population.