Meet the Mammas fighting to bring healing to children with neurodevelopmental disorders and other special needs.

Thalia Michelle - Executive Director, Co-founder

Thalia is mother to b/g twins,  Lance and Trinity.  Lance was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2008 at the age of three, and Thalia has been on a mission to help him reach his highest potential ever since.  Over the last two years, as reports have filtered in from around the county about children with autism recovering language, better focus, and cognitive skills, using CBD, THC, THCa extracts, Thalia has become passionate about researching non-psychoactive forms and traditional forms of cannabis extracts and their medicinal benefits.   Thalia's research on the endocannabinoid system has lead her to believe medicinal cannabis can help most neurological impairments and cognitive disorders.

As an autism advocate, Thalia co-authored the the book " The Thinking Moms Revolution " and is co-founder of the blog, LLC, and non-profit  by the same name.   The book is a collection of stories of autism families and the challenges and triumphs that come with trying to help their children.  As the mother of a child with disabilities, Thalia is determined to see her son and other children like him, gain legal access to medicinal cannabis therapeutics.   She believes the need to prescribe antipsychotics, synthentics, stimulants, and narcotics for children with autism could be eliminated with safe, natural cannabis alternatives.   Thalia also co-produced Horse Boy Music Festival in Elgin, Tx.   The festival was a fundraiser for The Horse Boy Foundation which provides free equine therapy to children of autism around Central Texas.

Amy Lou - President, Co-Founder

Amy Lou is a Chicago native with a Masters Degree in Math Education from DePaul University. She is happily settled in Austin, Texas with her husband of 20 years and their 3 children. Her middle son, Jack, age 14, has moderate functioning autism with severe aggressive and self-injurious behaviors. Despite an early diagnosis and intense behavioral, dietary and medical intervention (under the care of the top experts in these fields) Jack continues to struggle.

Amy Lou and her family are members of their local Bible church. In 2010, Amy Lou co-founded the ministry Mom’s of Special Kids, a spiritual support group for Christian women who have children of all ages and disabilities.

While Medical Cannabis is not promised to be a cure all, anecdotal reports from legal states around the country show promise for kids like Jack. Unfortunately, Medicinal Cannabis is still not legal in Texas. Therefore, Amy Lou felt it was her responsibility, not only to her family, but to all mammas of kids with disabilities, to become an activist. It is now her privilege, as President of MAMMA, to fight for the freedom for all to access this medicinal, God-given plant called Cannabis.