Sam - Autism, age 8

Follow the story of Sam, from 2008-2014, as his father uses therapeutic cannabis to overcome his severely aggressive behaviors.  As a further update, Sam's father, Steve, kindly replied to AmyLou's email and when asked how Sam was doing had this to say:  "Thank you so much for asking. Sam is doing well, he still uses MC a few times/week to help him through rough patches."

Anonymous Girl - Severe Autism, age unknown

“Our daughter was diagnosed with autism,” the man said, “but look at her. She’s not displaying signs of autism, is she? It’s because medical marijuana cured her autism, but the medical establishment and the law are blocking research into it, and we have to hide what it has done for her.” Read More

Jonah - Autism, Seizures, age 11

Jonah is 11 and diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum.  He has a history of seizures, that is his qualifying condition.  The last year or so, life has gotten to the point of unbearable.  His aggression, stemming mostly from anxiety, was making life at home unsafe.  He would have fits of rage that would come from a very minor, or even no reason at all.  Physical control would only fuel the fire.  My arms were riddled with scratches and bruises from him, bloody noses and lips.  His aggression would not stop at us.  His self-injury would consist of biting himself, banging his head with hands and objects.

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Jeffrey - ADHD, bi-polar, violent rages, age 7

Debbie Jeffries tells her compelling and dramatic story of one family's refusal to give up on a deeply troubled child. Marijuana was used as a medicine to help with ADD and help heal the violent rages of the child. Medical Marijuana was not legal for use in this case at first, but when the judge saw it's effectiveness, cannabis was allowed. Her child said "mommy, my head is not so noisy." 30 minutes after taking the cannabis. SEE VIDEO

Joel - Autism, age 7

Hello. My name is Josephine, and I have a son, Joel, who is recovering from Autism. My son was diagnosed with severe Autism at 2.5 years old. For the last four years I have done a lot of interventions (Diet, HBOT, Homeopathy, DAN! Protocol) to name a few and while we have come a LONG way we still have some issues that have been slow to improve.

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Kyle - Autism, Seizures, age 18

Kyle has severe autism. Jimmy said his son Kyle was unresponsive to most medications, and continued to suffer multiple seizures a day with very little change in his behavior.

"I summed up the courage to ask his doctor about medicinal marijuana," Jimmy said.  Both parents agree, medicinal marijuana use made for a very positive change in Kyle's life.