Jonah - Autism, Seizures, age 11

Jonah is 11 and diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum.  He has a history of seizures, that is his qualifying condition.  The last year or so, life has gotten to the point of unbearable.  His aggression, stemming mostly from anxiety, was making life at home unsafe.  He would have fits of rage that would come from a very minor, or even no reason at all.  Physical control would only fuel the fire.  My arms were riddled with scratches and bruises from him, bloody noses and lips.  His aggression would not stop at us.  His self-injury would consist of biting himself, banging his head with hands and objects.

The emotional toll was heavy on us as parents, holding the phone in our hand about to call 911 not sure if he'll calm down.  His younger brother (8) is not immune to the emotional stress, having low self-esteem, and thoughts of suicide.  Not something you learn in parenting class, and not something that is easily expressed to others.

We've tried the Rx.  Antidepressants made him drowsy, caused weight gain, easy bruising and increased stimming behaviors like picking at his skin (till he would bleed), and clothing.  As well as having to increase the dosage frequently.  He's is currently taking anti-seizure meds and we were still noticing an increase in absence seizures.  All the while doing untold damage to his internals.

Our journey started over a year ago with a phone conversation with Jesse Stanley.  He advised us of a few other parents to talk to and get more information.  Slowly working our way though this process, paperwork, Doctor visits, conversations with other parents, and here we are.

We started using MMJ with Jonah about 4 weeks ago, with a little worry and insecurity.  Happy to say, we noticed an immediate effect!  It was only 20-30 minutes later that we noticed he was calm, listening, and just more "open".  He has been asking and answering with more complete sentences.  An overall understanding of life is all I can describe.  As you know, those on the Autism Spectrum often have a great ability for memory, and recalling information.  Lately we have noticed that he's recalling facts and information that he reads, almost photographic, seeming to tap into a deeper part of his brain just from the relaxed anxiety.  He has his moments, but don't we all!  As a whole, life has been much more calm.

We are slated to pickup our first doses of Charlottes Web next week.  And plan to include THC oil with the dosing.  I have read enough and believe that the entire plant works best if it's balanced together.  In the case of Jonah THC will address the elements of anxiety, and over all lowering of his reaction volume.  The CBD will allow us to wean off of the seizure meds that he's on now.  We are hopeful for the changes we are seeing to continue on the new meds.

It's time to free this plant from the bad name it's been given.  When you dive into what is capable of, it will make a believer out of anyone.  Legislation will follow what the majority is telling it to do.  So let's turn the tide.


Josh and Amy

Jonah 11

Cason 8