Joel - Autism, age 7

Hello. My name is Josephine, and I have a son, Joel, who is recovering from Autism. My son was diagnosed with severe Autism at 2.5 years old. For the last four years I have done a lot of interventions (Diet, HBOT, Homeopathy, DAN! Protocol) to name a few and while we have come a LONG way we still have some issues that have been slow to improve.

1. Conversational Speech

2. Neural imbalance that results in abnormal excitation response to stimuli.

a. Similar to a seizure but he can calm himself out of it.

3. Gut and brain inflammation

4. Social skills

5. Fine and gross motor skills

A few days before Christmas 2013, my husband shared a story from the Realm of Caring organization that talked about a special cannabis strain called Charlotte’s Web (CW). I was enthralled on how this little girl went from having thousands of seizures a week to seizure free with this amazing natural plant.

Living in CA I knew there was medicinal marijuana but I thought it was “medicinal” as in a legal excuse to get high. As I quickly found out there is tremendous medicinal properties of cannabis that have yet to be exploited to its full potential.

As I am very fortunate to live in a legal state I immediately got a doctor’s prescription for my son and myself. I also talked to people and joined groups to get as educated as possible before trying it.

What I learned was nothing short of amazing. There are over 400 elements in Cannabis that work together to make an unmatched natural medicine. It can be cultivated to be purely medicinal with NO psychoactive properties. There are ZERO accounts of death from taking cannabis and virtually no side effects.

Cannabis can be cultivated for a high CBD strain like Charlotte’s Web. While these tinctures also do have THC in it, it is so minimal that one does not get high. It can also be manipulated to have various ratios from 1:1 to 45:1.

CBD is an incredible cannabinoid that does the following:

• Antibacterial

• Anti-inflammatory

• Neuro-protective

• Reduces seizures

• Reduces function in the immune system – so immune system won’t attack itself

• Reduces small intestine contractions

• Relieves pain

• Relieves anxiety

• Slows bacterial growth

• Suppresses muscle spams

Cannabis also creates stem cells and provides retrograde inhibition for neuronal activity. I thought this is what will finally calm Joel’s central nervous system and complete his recovery from Autism!

With lots of hope in my heart I got on the list for the CW from Realm of Caring but the earliest I will get it will be October 2014. I couldn’t wait so I went about finding a reliable source of high CBD oil. This, unfortunately, is hard to do because the market currently creates mostly high THC strains for those that want to get high. With more education on both the supply and demand side I hope this will change.

Since I am not shy when it comes to finding something that will help my son I was able to get a reliable source which provides different ratios strains. It turns out I do well on the 10:1 ratio while my son does well on the 28:1. It is really trial and error finding what works best and the dosage to use.

It has only been one month but we already have seen the following gains from CBD:

For myself:

• Calmer, less stressed out

• Decrease in chronic pain, almost gone

• More energy, motivation

• More optimistic

• Better bowel function

For my son:

• Increased flexibility

• Better bowel function

• More energy

• Increased sociability; Playing more with his peers at school and answering his sister without prompts

• Increased communication. Longer sentences, more comments, more singing

• More typical behavior, pushing back on limits, testing us, being more cheeky

• Increased interest in foods. Eating new stuff.

• Increased confidence

• Increased coordination

• Improved eye contact

• Better progress on IEP goals at school

• Less negative behavior at school

• Better comprehension

• Increased requesting. Usually too shy to ask for things he needs.

With our current dosage I can treat myself for only $150 for one month. My son’s bottle will last me two months. This is so affordable compared to other treatments I have used and it also addresses so many different aspects at the same time. This incredible medicine is natural, with minimal side effects and works so quickly and effectively!

I also tried THCA recently and I got a major WOW factor for both of us. THCA is the acidic form of THC that is also non-psychoactive. This can be extracted in its raw form and be made into drops. With only two drops for me a day and only one drop in the morning for my son we saw the following:

For me:

• It was an effective within 30 minutes.

• The energy really went up for me and it didn’t die down later in the day.

• My senses are more acute.

• I feel more with it.

• Seems to combine well with CBD

For my son:

• Also pretty immediate effect

• Better gross motor coordination. Trying new things at playground and doing things better

• Even more energy, running without prompting

• Everything that I saw with CBD but amplified and more noticeable in a shorter time frame.

However the THCA came in an alcohol base, which might have been the cause of increased excitability. I have stopped for now but I am planning on continuing later when I hope my supplier can provide it with an oil base.

I strongly feel like this is the last piece of the puzzle for my son and I feel extremely fortunate that I live in a forward-thinking state that allows me to legally treat myself and my son with this incredible plant. As an Autism mom I am continually in search of treatments that will recover my son. I have never doubted in my heart that full recovery is possible for Joel. With cannabis in my arsenal I KNOW that it will happen. It is just a matter of time.

I am so excited about the possibilities of this plant to cure a myriad of diseases. I read about a baby girl whose doctors said just take her home and make her comfortable as they had exhausted all avenues known to them to help her cancer. Her parents started juicing cannabis, giving her a shot a day and now she is cancer free.

For kids with Autism this will literally be a lifesaver. It is affordable, easy to administer and addresses so many different aspects of the disorder. One major factor that a lot of treatments do not effectively treat without side effects is mood. Most kids with autism are fearful, anxious because our world is hard to maneuver and understand. With cannabis they will be able to be less fearful, more confident and able to comprehend the world around them. This alone will mean the world to them and their loved ones.

I sincerely hope you pass a bill that will give Texans access to this amazing medicinal plant. It is not enough to pass an only CBD oil bill as everybody reacts differently to the various compounds in this plant. Some kids with aggression and self-injurious behavior will need access to a good high THC tincture. There are so many possibilities for long-lasting relief for many children with autism…and their parents too.